Scott is one of the only teachers on the west coast who is trained by masters of both 
the Paris Conservatory and remarkable Abby Whiteside traditions

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, or returning to the piano later in life, my approach is based on supportive encouragement and individual tailoring to the student of any age, always encouraging a living connection to the music and active listening, creativity, and emotional expression. 

With over 20 years of advanced training and teaching experience in 
New York , I am very fortunate to have received extraordinary musical instruction directly from accomplished international performers who were direct students and teaching protégés of Alfred Cortot, Nadia Boulanger, and Abby Whiteside.

I also studied with major students and protégés of Heinrich Schenker and Arnold Schoenberg, whose understanding and insight into the principles of composition and the "musical logic" of the great composers were without equal - in order to best communicate the deepest experience, understanding, and joy of the music to students and listeners alike. 

Comments by Colleagues, Students, and Parents

"Scott is among a small fraction of musicians who have the uncanny ability to communicate musical structure and content in a meaningful, thoughtful way to an audience. As a producer and recording coach, he has been sought out by the best-known artists precisely because of his sensitivity and comprehension of the composer's intent; he is noted for his ability to bring out the artist's best performances. Scott is also a fine pianist and first-rate teacher."

Peter Brownlee 
Piano Faculty, 
Central Oregon Community College

"Scott immediately put me at ease. At my very first lesson, he gave me a piece to play that was at once challenging but also at a level that I could enjoy. I can't say enough about his patient, caring attitude. He has a true teacher's gift for inspiring you; he always works with you from where you are, while encouraging you to progress by giving you the tools you need to keep improving. I now play piano daily, after a thirty year gap, thanks to his gentle guidance. I recommend him without reservation, especially for anyone coming back to the piano, as I was. His enthusiasm is contagious. And his patience, unlike my own, always made me feel like there was improvement as long as I was willing to practice what he was teaching me."

Cathy Lind Hayes, Actress

"It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. Scott Johnson as an effective and patient music teacher. Mr. Johnson became my daughter’s music teacher two years ago. When I interviewed Mr. Johnson (Scott), I gave him in depth background on my daughter’s disability, Pervasive Developmental Delay (PDD) that is part of the Autistic Spectrum. He cheerfully embraced the challenge of engaging my daughter in piano educational instruction.

"My daughter was eight years old when she began working with Scott learning at first the basic outline of the keyboard. Soon she was able to grasp reading music and learning to understand music theory. Finally, it was an incredible milestone to hear her play the music she was reading at the same time.

"Scott’s perseverance and music ability has translated into her playing songs and trying to sing along. I can’t thank Scott enough for teaching her that through consistently applying herself, the impossible is attainable.

"If you have any questions regarding my recommendation or would like to more know more about my daughter's challenges and success in music, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Amy DeBlaise

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